F2F prevails

I survived my May deadlines. Having capabilities to write this post is a solid proof of this. Although, I almost started with "on the last day of the month" before I realised it is already the 2nd of June. Nevertheless, on the second day of the month it is good to look back and sum up … Continue reading F2F prevails

When shit hits the fan

I consider myself as a quite organised person. I respect schedules. I feel responsible to prepare for meetings in advance. I make sure that I will not have to run around like a headless chicken. As a result, when I have during past two weeks (a) missed one doctor’s appointment and (b) one scheduled massage, … Continue reading When shit hits the fan

Today I felt like a turquoise researcher

I attended a workshop about corporate social responsibility (CSR) through Hub Catalyst. It was like coming home, in many ways. Hub Helsinki is a lovely place. Additionally, CSR is something, which attracted me during my studies in a business school and I ended up doing my Master’s Thesis related to CSR and retail sector. But … Continue reading Today I felt like a turquoise researcher