Untame podcast ‘Paradigm Shifters’ is released

Podcast hosts Galina Kallio and Eeva Houtbeckers Now it is finally here! Untame Podcast is released by yours truly in collaboration with Galina. The first two episodes (in Finnish) are available online. The theme of the first season is Paradigm Shifters. After the introductory episode (#1), we have guests. The third and the fourth episopde … Continue reading Untame podcast ‘Paradigm Shifters’ is released

Not knowing

I have had a career crisis for more than 10 years. The origin of the my crisis is the socio-ecological crisis we experience. The topics of my on and off periods of doubt and stress have varied. But one thing remains: How to gain a livelihood while working for a paradigm shift? Everywhere I look … Continue reading Not knowing