Browsing through books: Two books about (neo)liberalism

Recently I've been reading books originally written in or translated to Finnish. This post about (neo)liberalism covers: Lahtinen, Veikka, and Pontus Purokuru (2020): Mikä liberalismia vaivaa? Kosmos. Parker, Martin (2019): Kaadetaan kauppakorkea — Miksi bisneskouluista pitäisi tehdä organisaatiokouluja? Hannu Laurila, tran. Tampere: Vastapaino. (Orig. title: Shut down the business school: What’s wrong with management education) … Continue reading Browsing through books: Two books about (neo)liberalism

Meeting your idol

This is too weird! My twenty-something-age-idol mentioned me in Twitter. It all started out when I was flipping through my Twitter feed and my eye caught a funny tweet by Lotta. She felt hip knowing Bieber and Beliebers pass the age of the normal suspects - but when asked couldn’t mention any songs. Then someone explained … Continue reading Meeting your idol