My April in Mustarinda residency

I applied to Mustarinda residency in Kainuu, Eastern Finland, to work on a book manuscript about postgrowth work and livelihoods and my ethnographic fieldwork since late 2016. Mustarinda residency is managed by the Mustarinda Association, which recently won a state art prize for multidisciplinary art. When I was accepted, the prospect of publishing an academic … Continue reading My April in Mustarinda residency

A leap for just transition

It requires a leap of fate, good luck, and persistence to keep working for a society that takes ecological crisis seriously. I know people, through my research and activism, who want to use their knowhow to enable a more liveable presence and future for all creatures. The challenge is that business-as-usual dominates labour markets and … Continue reading A leap for just transition

Introductions in August 2021

Welcome new followers! I realised it has been a while since I have written an introduction of myself. The final month of Nordic summer is a good time for this. My sense of an annual cycle has started sometime in the autumn as long as I can remember. August 2021 I'm an activist-scholar based Finland. … Continue reading Introductions in August 2021

Harvesting the conference season 2021

This conference season I have attended many research conferences. Some of them were postponed from last season and others are just too exciting to pass, since virtual attendance makes it possible to attend them from home. Timewise it has not always been optimal (other work, care responsibilities, time zones), but since rarely everything is, I’ll … Continue reading Harvesting the conference season 2021

Browsing through books: Two books about (neo)liberalism

Recently I've been reading books originally written in or translated to Finnish. This post about (neo)liberalism covers: Lahtinen, Veikka, and Pontus Purokuru (2020): Mikä liberalismia vaivaa? Kosmos. Parker, Martin (2019): Kaadetaan kauppakorkea — Miksi bisneskouluista pitäisi tehdä organisaatiokouluja? Hannu Laurila, tran. Tampere: Vastapaino. (Orig. title: Shut down the business school: What’s wrong with management education) … Continue reading Browsing through books: Two books about (neo)liberalism