A leap for just transition

It requires a leap of fate, good luck, and persistence to keep working for a society that takes ecological crisis seriously. I know people, through my research and activism, who want to use their knowhow to enable a more liveable presence and future for all creatures. The challenge is that business-as-usual dominates labour markets and … Continue reading A leap for just transition

Not knowing

I have had a career crisis for more than 10 years. The origin of the my crisis is the socio-ecological crisis we experience. The topics of my on and off periods of doubt and stress have varied. But one thing remains: How to gain a livelihood while working for a paradigm shift? Everywhere I look … Continue reading Not knowing

Introductions in August 2021

Welcome new followers! I realised it has been a while since I have written an introduction of myself. The final month of Nordic summer is a good time for this. My sense of an annual cycle has started sometime in the autumn as long as I can remember. August 2021 I'm an activist-scholar based Finland. … Continue reading Introductions in August 2021

Browsing through books: 5 books about (gendered) social relations

This is a post with five brief reviews of books that I consider to explore (gendered) social relations, one way or another.

Browsing through books: Bullshit jobs – A theory by David Graeber (Simon & Schuster, 2018)

Bullshit jobs by Davic Graeber is a well written book with provocative arguments. As the subtitle states, it is a a theory about the utterly useless jobs in (Western) societies. Unlike the main title suggest, it does not remain on the level of accusations but develops a rich and justified narrative how and, most importantly, … Continue reading Browsing through books: Bullshit jobs – A theory by David Graeber (Simon & Schuster, 2018)