A leap for just transition

It requires a leap of fate, good luck, and persistence to keep working for a society that takes ecological crisis seriously. I know people, through my research and activism, who want to use their knowhow to enable a more liveable presence and future for all creatures. The challenge is that business-as-usual dominates labour markets and … Continue reading A leap for just transition

Not knowing

I have had a career crisis for more than 10 years. The origin of the my crisis is the socio-ecological crisis we experience. The topics of my on and off periods of doubt and stress have varied. But one thing remains: How to gain a livelihood while working for a paradigm shift? Everywhere I look … Continue reading Not knowing

Harvesting the conference season 2021

This conference season I have attended many research conferences. Some of them were postponed from last season and others are just too exciting to pass, since virtual attendance makes it possible to attend them from home. Timewise it has not always been optimal (other work, care responsibilities, time zones), but since rarely everything is, I’ll … Continue reading Harvesting the conference season 2021

On a journey from stressful to restful being

I slide easily into stress. I'm very good at concealing it too, even from my self. This used to be my superpower for survival, but over the years it has become a burden. Like for many others, Covid-19 pandemic pushed me into anxiety, stress and worry. They were hard to avoid with all the measures … Continue reading On a journey from stressful to restful being

Compiled table of the diverse economy

I am a member of the Community Economies Research Network (CERN) that has emerged thanks to the groundbreaking work of J.K. Gibson-Graham. I remember reading their book The End of Capitalism (As We Knew It): A Feminist Critique of Political Economy and feeling like I had arrived home. Often when I present my research, I … Continue reading Compiled table of the diverse economy