Exploring postgrowth economies, work and livelihoods

Helsinki, 2021

I’m an activist-scholar focusing on postgrowth economies, work and livelihoods.

My ongoing ethnographic work explores the growing movement that challenges economic growth as an imperative. In addition to conceptual work, I study examples and advance ongoing initiatives


Postdoc project

My research on postgrowth work and livelihoods in Finland contributes to the growing transdisciplinary research and activism that challenges economic growth as an imperative. Read more.

Talks & teaching

I teach and talk about my reseaerch and postgrowth/degrowth themes in various instances. Read more.


I write about observations, research insights and interesting books in my blog. Read more.

Degrowth activism

I have been active in the Finish degrowth movement since 2010. Since 2018 I have been a member of the Feminism(s) and Degrowth Alliance coordination group. In 2022 we founded Degrowth journal. Read more.

Untame Lab

I collaborate with fantastic people. In 2021 we founded Untame Lab, a research colective focusing on paradigm shift in the era of ecological crsis. Read more.

My April in Mustarinda residency

I applied to Mustarinda residency in Kainuu, Eastern Finland, to work on a book manuscript about postgrowth work and livelihoods and my ethnographic fieldwork since late 2016. Mustarinda residency is managed…

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