Postgrowth work and livelihoods

I explore postgrowth economy, work and livelihoods during my 4-year postdoctoral research project that started in January 2017. My research is funded by Nessling Foundation, Kone Foundation and Foundation for Economic Education. My research started in January 2017 and goes on until late 2022. I have an affiliation to the Department of Design in Aalto University and to NODUS research group.

The official title of my project is

Social entrepreneurship for post-growth societies in the global North:An ethnographic participatory study of self-employment practices for ecologically and socially just world

In short, ‘postgrowth work and livelihoods’. My study contributes to the growing transdisciplinary research and activism that challenges economic growth as an imperative. My work is not only conceptual, but focuses on examples. Many political, practical, and ideological alternatives are ignored with the argument that they do not focus on economic growth or that they are “marginal”. Some political, practical, and ideological alternatives are ignored with the argument that they do not focus on economic growth or that they are “marginal”. Many contemporary movements, such as social entrepreneurship or postgrowth/degrowth, may be downplayed as utopian while the practitioners already (partially) lead their lives based on their own understandings. In the times of mounting ecological and social crisis we cannot afford to push already practiced solutions aside without exploring them further.

My research asks

  • What kinds of livelihood practices manifest the aim for and life in postgrowth societies?
  • What kinds of livelihood practices are there in the transformation to postgrowth societies?
  • What kinds of tensions emerge from such practices?

For a longer postdoctoral research plan and publications, visit my ResearchGate.

Postgrowth work and livelihoods in my blog

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  • Not knowing
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