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Degrowth movement includes activsist, artists, poets, philosophers, scientists, scholars, citizens, politicians, civil servants, and many others. Join the movement!

Degrowth is a diverse movement with many exciting themes, activities and actors. Join the movement!

Finnish Degrowth Movement – Kohtuusliike

Since 2010 I have been active in the Finnish Degrowth movement, Kohtuusliike. It has been a pleasure to leran, organise meetings, engage in processes and discuss with others what degrowth means in Finland. Kohtuusliike has several activies. Follow Kohtuusliike in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Via the Degrowth movement I’m involved with Meidän metsämme citizen movement that organises forest dialogues among forest related people and professionals who are interested in exploring ways to colive with forests during ecological crisis. Follow Meidän metsämme in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Feminism(s) and Degrowth Alliance

Feminism(s) and Degrowth Alliance brings togather activists and scholars who are interested in feminist perspectives to degrowth and sustainability transformations. I have been member of the coordination group. Read our Collective notebook and Follow FaDa in Twitter.

Degrowth journal

In 2022 we founded Degrowth, an open-access academic journal on degrowth. After decades of research, the time was ripe. Read the manifesto and consider submitting a manuscript.

Degrowth writing & scholarship

Degrowth scholarship is expaning in tis scope and volume. There are a number of great sites that publish degrowth news & texts, for example

Reseaerch & Degrowth (R&D)

Postgrowth Institute

“[T]he project of building a degrowth society can only start from fostering dealienation by reopening the possibility for workers control and economic democracy, from the workplace to society at large.

Stefania Barca (2017)

Degrowth in my blog