Join the discussion “Bridging the divide and embodying transformation”, 23.3., 2-3:30pm CET

You are kindly invited to join the first session of “Bridging the divide and embodying transformation – a conversation series“ on March 23rd, 2-3:30pm CET, online. Through a series of conversations, we aim to provide room among scholar-activists to talk about how one can wholeheartedly bridge the many divides that shape our lives. The online event is anchored in our work within the Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (Fada). 

As scholar-activists, feminists and environmentalists, we are often confronted with divides hindering transformation. This may include the divide between market economies and unpaid labor, divides along the lines of race, class, and gender that also serve capitalist profit making, or the separation of humans from nature. When working in academia, we often experience the divide between mental problem-solving and our complex personal engagement in societal change that is informed by our feelings and experience. All these separations (and many more) and the devaluations coming with them, make it a challenge to foster societal change. 

With our guests Dr Galina Kallio and Lena Schützle we will speak about bridging such divides and exchange about the challenge to embody transformation. We are happy to have them as our conversation starters! Galina is a scholar-activist working for the soil in various initiatives and doing inspiring research funded by the Academy of Finland. She is also a co-founder of Untame Collective. Lena used to study and work as Mechanical Engineer and now studies Radical Compassion at the Munich School of Philosophy. Both are two of the many inspiring women that we’ve gotten to know through the years and that strive for making change real. 

Join via Zoom. Meeting ID: 631 4684 6791 / Passcode: 303158

A second session of the conversation series is planned for 24.5. 7-8:30 pm CET (details follow).

Warmest regards from Helsinki and Leipzig,
Eeva Houtbeckers and Anna Saave

Drawing by Eeva Houtbeckers

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