I conducted a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities) on relocating our home in the capital area of Finland. My spouse says it is funny and abnormal. Well, too bad as I already did it.

I came into conclusion that staying where we are is the best alternative for now, event though I have a huge garden fever. Not least because we can enjoy the good things we have at the moment.

However, one opportunity in particular caught my eye in both alternatives. That is developing the community. What a chance! Actually, it is my accusation targeted towards me. Why always nag about the fact that there is not enough sense of a community instead of actually contributing into it.

I know one neighbour sings in a choir and has a lovely voice. One plays the piano and maybe the guitar and their teenager loves loud music. Two neighbours have dogs. I talk to one of my neighbours in the hallway as we both have a rented garden nearby and we stroll in muddy boots (yes Mr. Janitor, I am one of them crooks). But can you consider hearing your next-door neighbours as knowing them?

Thus, I have decided to become more community oriented while I am dreaming about my house with a garden. This must end up as a triumph, a total failure, or something in between.

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