Introductions in August 2021

Welcome new followers! I realised it has been a while since I have written an introduction of myself. The final month of Nordic summer is a good time for this. My sense of an annual cycle has started sometime in the autumn as long as I can remember.

August 2021

I’m an activist-scholar based Finland. My current research is about postgrowth work and livelihood practices in the global North. (Although in a recent research conference a renowned Indian scholar encouraged me and other scholars in the global North focusing on global North to pursue empirical studies also in the global South.) As someone wise said, activism is not something we choose. It follows when we choose to act for diverse life on Earth. This is me, after making that choice.

Thinking about societies beyond exponential and continuous economic growth is what we need. Luckily, this view seems to gain more popularity. Naturally some oppose, because growth is status quo. It benefits some and/or change is scary. Yet, despite what one thinks of degrowth or postgrowth as concepts, the times of slow or no growth are the probable future of Europe (ie. my current location). Finally, there’s no economic growth on a dead planet.

Degrowth debates include important global perspectives. However, at the moment they are beyond my direct research (although everything is connected). My work is ethnographic, granular, and situated. I study people and their initiatives that start with or aim at a paradigm shift. Their pioneering work covers many areas. They work even when their livelihood is uncertain. In a Nordic welfare system many good things are secured, but the system relies on continuous economic growth. It’s a hard one to escape.
I’m empowered by community economies thinking developed by scholars and activists in various locations. Economies are more diverse than people realise. Community economies in particular manifest the resilience of systems beyond individualistic understanding of humans. Moreover, economies are sustained by other-than-humans, for example by the work of plants and animals and using “natural resources”.

Since 2010 I’ve been involved with the degrowth movement (Kohtuusliike). I planned my ongoing project to include work in and for degrowth. Degrowth movement includes activist and academic work, which makes it an exciting and abundant community. My participation Meidän Metsämme stems from this community. Thank you great people!

I’m inspired by eco/feminist activists, thinkers and philosophy. Ecofeminisms are many. Broadly speaking this work reveals the subordination of women and nature, which many ecofeminists consider to take place at the same time in patriarchal societies. This stance opens up several avenues for action. Mine has been with feminist politics via the Feminist Party and the Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (Fada).

I’m into writing, reading, gardening, spending time outdoors, and surrounding myself with inspiring colours. I never grow tired of speculative / science fiction. If I’m stuck, I go out to walk or to garden. I’d like to be outdoors more. All I need is a system to stay warm while reading books outside in November rain and darkness.

Now, I invite you to introduce yourself in the comments section below.

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