Futura special issue on degrowth (in Finnish)

Since late 2020 I’ve been involved with the launch and running of the Degrowth journal. One of the important steps that lead to the process was my guest co-editorship in Furura special issue on degrowth with Pasi Heikkurinen and Sanna Ahvenharju (3/2020, in Finnish except one peer-reviewed research article in English).

This Futura special issue updates the Finnish degrowth discussion in early 2020s. The main takeaway is that degrowth offers a platform for rich and versatile research and discussions for more ecologically and socially just futures. The topics are specialised and viewpoints refined.

In Futura degrowth special issue the authors focus on consumer choices, climate policy, everyday life in sparsely and densly populated areas, international collaboration, money and livelihoods, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

For access, contact the journal or us, the guest editors.

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