When shit hits the fan

I consider myself as a quite organised person. I respect schedules. I feel responsible to prepare for meetings in advance. I make sure that I will not have to run around like a headless chicken.

As a result, when I have during past two weeks (a) missed one doctor’s appointment and (b) one scheduled massage, (b) gone for a doctor’s when it was not my turn, (d) held a presentation which I didn’t prepare for, and (e) run around like a headless chicken, I can officially declare that shit has hit the fan. And perhaps not only once.

It is all because I miscalculated the safety distance separating the shit and the fan. Here, ‘shit’ stands for obligations and fan’ represents my inability to take care of them. When there are too many things to do, crap piles up.

Even organised people have fan troubles, otherwise they are not human or honest. The surprising news is that I have never felt this calm after (a) fan incident(s). Perhaps becoming a parent means dealing with so much more mess that creating some of my own is a drop in the ocean. Or perhaps my difficulties are these so called First World Problems.

However, in order to save my forehead, which I have face palmed quite many times, I decided to take it easier in June. As in May I have still one deadline left for every working day of the week. Zen.

One thought on “When shit hits the fan

  1. And on top of EVERYTHING, I received reviews for an article manuscript from double-blind review process today. This means rewriting, rethinking, and of course more re-face-palming. No reZen involved.

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