F2F prevails

I survived my May deadlines. Having capabilities to write this post is a solid proof of this. Although, I almost started with “on the last day of the month” before I realised it is already the 2nd of June.

Nevertheless, on the second day of the month it is good to look back and sum up the past month. In addition to deadlines, it was dominated by presentation skills training: a workshop for improving visualisation and a PhD course in communication.

I learned a lot about myself as a presentor (eg. I love using photos and I wiggle my eyebrows funnily). Moreover, I have one strong take away: In order to create new knowledge we benefit tremendously from face to face interaction. Don’t get me wrong, I have no dislike for reading, writing or virtual interaction. However, meeting a human-being in person makes a difference.

For instance, in the visualisation workshop I met an investment banker who claimed that the business of investing is interaction. First, it was rather surprising as one would think it is the return on investment. Then I realised all investors still in the business are able to provide a customer with a reasonably good track record but all of them might not take the time to interact with a customer.

From now on I promise to respect more all the possibilities offered for interaction with others in order to learn and build on shared knowledge. When doing research, attending one research seminar every week is a good start.

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