A humble homecoming

What to write after several months of silence? What to write after that? And that? Who is interested? Would I be interested?

Apparently, blogging is out. Vlogging is in. Or something else that I’m completely unaware of. But it seems I cannot resist writing. As a matter of fact, it has been writing that has kept me away from here for all these months. My PhD research has reached a point where I mainly write. Or if I’m not writing I should be writing. So after a day writing or feeling guilty about not writing, I seldom feel like writing more unless I absolutely have to.

Yet, this blog called me back. I have to. There is something irresistable about non-academic writing and freedom in style. Although academic writing is a delicate art of mastering various styles, I miss other styles too.

So here we are. Humbly back at home. But after this post, what to write about?

I look outside. It’s past midnight. Snow and slush swirls under yellow street lights in the sunless North European night. It could be a very dark midday. The weather is uninviting for outing but excellent for writing and reading, my two passions.

So that’s what I will be writing about: my writing and reading. It just happens that I’m a PhD candidate.

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