The surprising things I miss from home

In addition to friends, family, and overall familiarity, there are some surprising things I miss from home. Six months elsewhere goes past fast in almost any conditions. But these little observations remind me that I’m not at home.

1. Having more than two big tea mugs
It is surprising how little material we need for living a full life. In reality two big tea mugs is enough. However, having more than one really increases the probability of at least one being clean when there is the odd moment to sit down and relax over a hot BIG mug of tea. I miss my beautiful collection of Iittala mugs designed by Klaus Haapaniemi.

2. Familiar tea flavours
The Danes have a pervasive taste for peppermint flavoured tea. Another one is liquorice but I don’t mind that as much as I do the peppermint. It seems to be in every non-black tea blend. I’ve become somewhat an expert in interpreting the trade descriptions. And in causing a long queue in a coffee shop. Sorry.

3. A bookshelf
As we rented an unfurnished apartment, we needed to get some furniture. But we wanted to get as little furniture as possible. It has resulted in a life without a bookshelf. Now in a family with two readaholics – one toddler and one academic – this decision has its consequences. Now it seems we have no tables to set aside things as they are covered with books. The consequences of living without a bookshelf is demonstrated in the photo.

No bookshelf

All in all, it has been comforting to experience that we are just fine with less furniture and material. We don’t need that much of stuff – except books – and life is still good. Perhaps it is even a bit better. During this time I have noticed what is important to me: having a big mug full of my favourite tea by a stacked bookshelf.

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